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A nice alien fucking video clip from the first episode of Battleforce Rebellion... oh and some nice flopping and running boobies! Can't forget big floppy, slapping and swinging noonies! An excellent little movie trailer-style video from JAG27. Available in two formats as always with stereo sound.
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After the raid on the village of Ahkar the victorious Ogre King takes a well deserved rest. Only the best food and drink can satisfy his palette, but a fertile king needs also has other needs. Will Ahkar's most prized maiden be able to fill his desire?
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Join us and explore the strange worlds and women of the future as we begin our trek through the various files of the Galactic Encyclopedia. We begin with the planet Oberon, a world populated by mostly women and large creatures called Tao Lizards.
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It's late, and she's been jogging in the park near her home... but it's gotten dark and while she stops to take a break and drink... something in the sky approaches and before she realizes what's happening... a bright light... and then she's gone... and in the clutches of a diabolical alien with a lecherous intentions.
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Join us and explore the strange worlds and women of the future as we begin our trek through the various files of the Galactic Encyclopedia. We begin with the planet Oberon, a world populated by mostly women and large creatures called Tao Lizards.
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The robot sex machines continue their experimentation with their human subject and the poor woman finally succumbs to their tentacled invasion and allows herself to become their willing pawn... submitting herself to their mechanical perversions.
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Inside the strange spacecraft, she finds herself at the mercy of the excessively endowed alien creature who's captured her... and now she discovers WHY he's taken her and as the horror of her situation begins to take the place of her shock... the otherworldly monster mounts her and his true depravity is revealed! More outerspace sex... enjoy!
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In the distant future mechanical monsters have taken over the world and now human females have become their playthings... watch with us as one poor wench becomes the toy of tentacled mechanical masters.

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    3d sex gallery
    A corporate witchhunt has begun at Howell to find out who assisted Nadja in her betrayal of the Council... and it looks as if Anna may become the focus of the investigation as a result of her unprofessional actions with Susan. Meanwhile, Clarissa has returned to her safe-house where Buddy and Robin are holding up... along with a plan to smuggle them both out of the country... a plan that involves her favorite pharmaceutical concoction and some duct tape. Don't ask... ha, ha. And last but not least, Anna makes an appearance in court to obtain the first of several new patients in Howell's new project... and yes... she does resemble Brenda from the old Dominion storyline... coincidence? Who knows...
    3d alien sex
    After crash landing on an uncharted planet in an uncharted region of the verse, the crew of the Peccadillo explore their new habitat in search of a way home. Through their exploration they are seperated and come across lizard men, intelligent plants, and a militant refugee who has some dismal information.
    3d sex comics
    The disruption of the wormhole gate is a stunning success as the crew finds themselves back in their own universe. A quick trip to their previous engagement allows them some time for RnR but some kind of sexual hunger plagues them. A deal is struck with Don Mattox to repair the Peccadillo and Elona heads off to undertake her own task, which may be more sinister than the crew was led to believe.
    3d porn gallery
    Somewhere in deep space aboard the Liberator, an interogation of the captured Horde agent, Hatcher, has begun but it may not end in the way you expect. Meanwhile on the bridge, Captain Travis finally makes contact with the Acropolis and Captain Cox and the Annanaki alliance becomes the immediate topic of discussion. And without authorization, a commando unit departs the Acropolis in search of survivors on the planet's surface... and Gene and Deedee continue their sexual foray. If you're in to the expansion bit... you'll like this episode. Lot's of milky spewing too!
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    The princess has been tricked into becoming a toy for a slave elf, deep within a wine cellar. The elf is one of the last of her kind and haves special appendages that seemed impossible. The princess is quick to fuck the rare species and try to steal her for herself. However a Witch with powerful magic is on their trail and has ideas of her own.
    3d porn comics
    On Heliopolis, the Emperor and his consort continue to implement their plans to remove the Grand General Ervatus from power and in so doing, decide to place Lady Satis under house arrest until she agrees to wed the Emperor. Meanwhile the General has approached Captain Cox to aid him in rescuing Satis... but do we really know who the bigger villain here is? Cox doesn't... but she's got some sneaking suspicions that there's more to all of this than just what shows on the surface. And last but no least, the deposed General Levis has arrived at Galacticus with his bevy of female space pirates... with the single intent of capturing himself a load of new slaves off the embattled planet. Oh, and there's lots of big boobies... did I mention that? And a little surprise at the end! More to cum...
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    The witch, princess and elf are deep into a plan to raise the body of another elven kind. They need galloons of cum from the sole survivor and will suck her dick to retrieve it. But dabbling with dark magic has its drawbacks and will soon come to haunt the trio.
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    Part two picks up right where part one left off, with Natalie and Red reeling at the discovery of the real person they were sent to find. But Nanta's Civil Faction is closing in and determined not to let anyone escape their designated residential districts. Elsewhere, an Underground grunt named Finn accidentally crashes an Underground reconn station and could potentially have led the Nanta Civil Faction right to him, endangering himself and his new friend.
    Trish has discovered the so called master of the island. She is a sexy big titty chick with a massive cock! It is time for Trish to spend some time with her new friend and explore what secrets the island holds. All the while a new idea springs forth where sexual adventure waits!
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    Sissy is so excited with her new prospect of a get rich quick scheme. A old man is near death and hasnt shot his load in over thirty years. He has promised his fortune to the first chick that can claim that man juice. Sissy dressed in her sexy maid outfil thinks she can be the one. However this man's dick is so huge she is having problems adapting.
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